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Ask Busybee!

Here's your chance folks... The country's most popular and longest-running columnst, Busybee will answer all your questions - right here on!

Those of you who've been reading will obviously know that Busybee's chief target is politics. He loves cricket (watching, not playing) and food (writing and eating). But hey... that shouldn't be any limitation when you're posting him your message or question. Get wild - and crazy; serious if you please - but don't hesitate to ask him what you want to know most!

Here are some of the first few questions that were bowled at Busybee:

Dear Busybee,
Have you read Kurt Vonnegut Jr's books? He is my favorite author just like you are my favorite columnist and I was wondering what you thought about his writings.

    Aarti Advani

I'm afraid I havent. However, for your advise, I will.

Dear Busybee, who do you think will form the next Government and why?
    Ajay, Delhi

Mr.Vajpayee, because the alternative is Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, who would be a bit of a joke as P.M. of India.

In one of your recent columns of Round and about you were quoted as saying that the only way the people of India will accept the Italian Sonia Gandhi in Indian politics is, if in exchange, the people of Italy accept an Indian politician in Italian politics. Are you a strong believer of that theory? Why?
    Aditi Krishnan, Chennai

Whatever I write, I believe. I am that kind of a writer. Thank you.

I hear that many of the country's leading writers were on a mission to prevent the building of some dam. Were you a part of that group?
    R.Shah, Surat

No, I couldn't get leave from the office to join them.

Since you're such a great lover of cricket (just like me) - can you tell me some of the things you would do if you were to head the Board of Control?
    Amar Dev

One thing I would certainly do is appoint somebody other than Sachin Tendulkar as captain. Let the man concentrate on his batting and if I cannot find a decent captain in the team, I would appoint Gavaskar as manager and non-playing captain.

I soon approach one of the most exciting days of my life. The day when I propose that my love becomes my bride. I'd like us to begin our evening with a wonderful, romantic dinner before I can spring up the big surprise. Which restaurant in Bombay do you think will fit the bill? Any part of town and any standard of restaurant will do - it's just got to be ROMANTIC.
    Vijay Sheth, Mumbai

I can recommend a restaurant where you can get good food, not places where you can propose marriage.

Dear Busybee, Firstly I want to tell you that I'm a big fan of yours. I read one of your books and found it awesome. In this day and age when everyone is making films - even painters getting into the act - why wouldn't someone like you think of giving it a shot?
    Sheetal, Navi Mumbai

I think you have used the wrong word - 'awesome'. Atleast I hope you have.

I've been wondering why Viagra hasn't been introduced in India. Have you any idea?
    Gautam Shetty, Bangalore

What is Viagara???

Dear Busybee, What is Dhansak?

It is what every Parsi has for lunch on Sunday. A rich, thick tur & masoor dal, cooked with large bits of mutton on the bone & brown caramelised rice, plus kachumber in vinegar. After lunch they have a long fiesta that lasts till tea time, when they get up to have tea & khari biscuits.

Dear Busybee, What would you have been if you had not been a columnist?

A Brain Surgeon

Dear Busybee, a hypothetical situation:
If you were retiring, and as a retirement present, all your readers were to give you the ownership of any restaurant or eating house in Bombay with which to take care of all your financial needs, which one would you choose? or would you set up one of your own?
Please don't say 'I will not retire.' not that anyone wants you to, but this is for the purpose of this question only.

    Peter Griffin

It would be rather great if my readers would give me the money instead, then I would buy space and start my own restaurant.
There is fun in creating things, newspapers or restaurants. Readymade business is for sons of Rich fathers.