Founder Editor
Behram Contractor
Chief Executive Officer
Farzana Contractor
To address Behram Contractor as the founding father of city journalism would have him baulk in awe-inspiring modesty but truth is truth and it cannot not be told. Farzana Contractor, is the Chief Executive officer and responsible for the growth of the paper. She oversees everything, from day-to-day operations, to future projections.

Management Strength
General Manager, Advtg. & Mktg.
Rozina Gaziyani

Editorials Columnists
Editor - Mark Manuel
Chief Reporter - Shila Nair Jaggia
Business Editor - Mehraboon Irani
Editor Woman's Extra - Priya Parekh
Feature Writer - Shernaaz Engineer
Staff Reporter Bombay First - Indira Rodericks
Feature Writer Style - Ashish Virmani
Bollywood Critique - Tanuj Garg
Sports -

Mario Miranda
Afternoon Photographers
Tavleen Singh
Dom Moraes

Astrologer - Jagjit Uppal
Film Reviewer - Minakshi Raja


Marcellus Baptista
Adil Jussawala
Meher Moos
Dr. Shirin Wadia
Khushwant Singh
Manohar Malgonkar
Kuldip Nayar
Arun Shourie