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Tavleen Singh

Like a roving correspondent for BBC or CNN television, Tavleen Singh criss-crosses India, neighbouring Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and is on the spot when news is in the making. She makes an in-depth, on-the-spot analysis of the issue, and files a detailed report to 'Afternoon' in a racy and readable style.

Tavleen Singh's style of writing is crisp and simple, and her column is a very fine and investigative reportage of major news events that make international headlines. In an authoratative and no-nonsense manner, Tavleen Singh has reported on the Sri Lankan war, the Bangladesh elections, practically every event in Pakistan since the early 1980s, the Punjab insurgency and Operation Bluestar to liberate the Golden Temple from terrorists, the 1984 riots in Delhi following Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination, the communal riots and bomb blasts of Bombay, and Kashmir... the festering issue which provided enough grist for Tavleen Singh's mill to produce a book called Kashmir - A Tragedy Of Errors.

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