IMPPA bars distributor from exhibiting children's film
Shringar Films told to postpone release of Chota Jadugar


The ongoing tussle between Bollywood producers and distributors has taken a new twist with the Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association (IMPPA) issuing a notice to Mr. Shyam Shroff, owner of Shringar Films Pvt. Ltd. prohibiting him from releasing Chota Jadugar next Friday.

However, although Mr. Shroff is a member of IMPPA his role in this film is that of a distributor and not as a producer. "I will be challenging their notice and I certainly will be releasing the film. For four months, we have been working on its release, besides as a distributor, I am not bound by the resolution passed by the producers," he said.

He continued, "This is the only peak season in the industry. Once the holidays are over and the schools re-open, that's the end of our business. How can I not release a children's film during the holidays...," he asked.

IMPPA have asked Mr. Shyam Shroff owner of Shringar Films not to release Chota Jadugar next Friday. Trouble between the producers and the distributors have been brewing up for some time now. Each territory in the country has various distributing associations and accordingly each have their own set of rules. As per the practice when the producer sells a film to a distributor, an affidavit is signed by the producer. This assures the distributor that the film will not be sold to a television channel until the contract is over.

At a meeting held in November last year, the distributors and producers had come to an agreement, following which the distributors were to formally present the producers with a written agreement on the same. "We waited for weeks but nothing came", said Mr. K. D. Shorey, Senior VP, IMPPA and VP, Film Federation of India.

On March 8 this year, the producers had another meeting where it was decided that from April 1 onwards no films shall be sold to any distributor for release.

He added that since Mr. Shroff is a member of IMPPA he has to abide by the resolution passed by the members. Otherwise, he said, as per the constitution appropriate action would have to be taken. Also, until this deadlock between the producers and distributors is cleared, there would not be any new releases, he said.