Aamir Khan: "I don't grudge any film its success.

"I don't grudge any film its success. But don't forget that Gadar has four shows, while Lagaan has only three, so the collections of Gadar are bound to be higher."


Q: How does it feel that your gamble of making something different has paid off?
A.D.:It feels great yaar! Producing the film and then packing it with everything as an actor and producer was a difficult decision. First was relief, then was thrill and happiness, and today there is a gentle feeling of pride that we've made something good.

Q: You are said to be a sure winner of awards this year!
A.D.: (Laughs) I don't go for award functions. I've not been attending any of these award functions since the past seven years so I'm quite sure I won't go for them even now.

Q: Had you always planned on getting into production?
A.D.:I liked what Ashu (Ashutosh Gowariker) told me in a detailed form. The reason I produced it, besides the fact that I liked it very much, was because I couldn't think of anyone else producing it.

A number of top production houses had been kind enough to make offers to produce it with my choice of director but I felt that the script was very unusual and demanding. I also realized that it would be expensive. I couldn't trust anybody so I decided to take on the responsibility of making the film.

Q: Despite Lagaan being a human story set against a rural backdrop, why has it not really clicked in the interiors?
A.D.:It's not that it's not clicked, but it's not doing as well in the 'C' class centres as it is in the 'A' and 'B' centres. Search me, I have no idea why!(laughs). Maybe it will take a little while for it to sink in there. Maybe they are more into different kinds of cinema.

Q: Many of your female fans saw you bare-chested in Lagaan for the first time and were drooling over you! Are you happy that you have built up a better body for this film?
A.D.: (Laughs) Well, what can I say? I'm thrilled. Give them all my love. I didn't work out for Lagaan. This is how I look. I never did any special body training.

Q: You never made any attempt to hog the limelight in Lagaan despite the fact that it was your production!
A.D.: (Laughs) We did what was required for the film. As an actor I personally feel that whatever is correct for the film should be done, whether it's less or more of me. So the director is totally free to use me how he wants to and how he feels is correct. I'm not an insecure actor who says, "What's happening? Where am I? Why is the camera pointing somewhere else?"

Q:Have you seen Gadar?
A.D.: No