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Use Kua numbers carefully!

So we have come to the end of Kua Numbers (Kua Nos. 1 to 9) and their characteristics. Hope you have enjoyed reading and relating the characteristics with yourselves and with your friends and relatives. Preserve the articles and continue to compare, predict and study the personalities of all those whom you meet or interact with. For all you know, one fine day most of you may become experts in personality analysis! But, there are a few things that I would like to repeat and clarify:

Firstly, it is incorrect to conclude about an individual's personality, lucky colours, lucky gemstones, etc. with the help of merely his/her year of birth. The month, day and time are other data that need to be considered in order to draw a complete birth chart of an individual, which then gives details of the person, his/her lucky charms and predictions of the time cycle of his/her life. Therefore, don't get into purchasing semi-precious gemstones according to Zodiacs signs, month of birth or year of birth, and so on.

Secondly, most Nine Star Ki (Japanese astrology) analysts believe that, females tend to reflect the characteristics of the male Kua number of the same year along with their own Kua number. That is, a female born in the year 1967 is actually Kua No.9, but she will also reflect the characteristics of Kua No.6 (refer to the table on Kua Numbers printed in earlier article).

Similarly, females born in the year 1954 belong to Kua No.5, but they should also read up the characteristics of Kua No.1. Males on the other hand, reflect the characteristics of only their own Kua Number. So a male born is 1967 is purely Kua No.6 and a male born in the year 1954 is purely Kua No.1.

Thirdly, character analysis, determining lucky colours, gemstones, professions, numbers, etc. according to the birth data of an individual does not constitute the study of Feng Shui. I chose to discuss this topic due to the interest and constant request of quite a few of my clients and friends. Not quite surprisingly though, the number of calls that I received from regular readers and fans indicated the popularity of the topic. It was thrilling to have readers informing me that they felt that the characteristics quite matched up to what they were. I must say that I appreciate your enthusiasm and I must thank all of you for your response. It is always interesting to read and connect about oneself as well as to be able to predict the characteristics of friends and known people, isn't it?

Well, I guess we've had enough of Astrology and now let's get back to serious Feng Shui. The auspicious directions that I had mentioned for each Kua Number though are very important and it is a part of one of the methods of Feng Shui analysis, known as Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) or popularly known as Compass School Formula. In fact, this is the very next topic I'm going to cover up in my forthcoming articles.

Ba Zhai is an important consideration in a Feng Shui analysis. It is easy to apply and quite effective. It requires the Life Gua (Kua No. based on the individual's birth details), directions and locations of the main door, bed, stove, bedroom, kitchen, etc. The concept that this branch of Feng Shui is based on is that different directions have their own unique quality of Chi and different individuals (different Kua Numbers) respond differently to these directional forces. And the objective of using this method is to tap on the individuals favourable directional energies and avoid the unfavourable ones.

I moved into a new house in 1995. But after a few months, my husband got a paralytic attack - he has lost the use of his left hand. He was the only earning member in the family. I now run the house with the rent I collect from the old flat. I have got three kids - the elder two are a little slow in studies. My DOB is 1-5-46 and my husband's is 12-7-35. I am enclosing the sketch of my flat for your reference. Please help... - Mrs. Jani
From the diagram that you've sent, it seems that both of you sleep with your heads towards the south. Change your sleeping position - sleep with your head towards the west. The main door of the house faces the north, which does not favour both of you. But it is not possible for me to recommend the angle it should be tilted towards without a detailed study of the premise. The problem that you are facing could be due to some external feature surrounding your flat or a flying star affliction. The paralytic attack could have been an annual or monthly affliction that aggravated the basic chart of the house. Normally, metal helps to cure sickness energies that could be in your bedroom. So you could try placing more metal in your room and near the bed. A pair of gold Wu-Loo (kind of Chinese gourd, which is dried) can also help in overcoming health problems. Buy them and place them near the bed. As for your children, you haven't mentioned their date of birth so I can't suggest an ideal direction for them.

Christine Chang will answer queries from the readers. Send in your question with your date of birth, sleeping position and your door direction to the Afternoon D&C, 6 Nanabhai Lane, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, Fax: 287 0371, E-mail: [email protected]

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