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New Products

Peppertree - Spice up your style
Known for it's trendy fusion wear, this brand of affordable comfort has opened it's summer collection of classic whites, clearly the mood this sultry season. Using ethnic bandhani and badla work with traditional block prints, the designers have come up with a range of kurtas, tops, shirts, skirts, ghaghras, trousers etc. using cotton, cotton wrinkle and mulmul. Surely, an ideal bet to beat the heat!

'Rinaldi' - Redefining footwear
Rina Shah unveiled her new collection of accessories for the wedding and party season this summer months of 2003. 'Rinaldi's shoes and sandals range covers closed, back-open and slip-on styles, and in shades that rage - warm pinks, olives, mauves, lemons and blues, also deeper shades of burgundy, reds, blacks and navy. Intricate motifs in beads and sequins, light zardozi work with semi-precious stones, applique work, tassels and diamantes are the highlights. Of course, their USP stays - finest finishes with a lot of attention to detail of embellishments on straps, buckles and heels!

Scrap-Art - This one's far from crap
A promising patchwork, with a look that's distinctly feminine is Westside's fashion forecast for this 'haute' weather. The lifestyle store's Scrap-Art range designed by the in-house team is an eclectic collection of summer-friendly florals ingeniously woven with outlandish denim. In colours galore and materials that accentuate the waist, the idea is the corset look. Asymmetrical hemlines and raw edges lend a 'voguish' element to the garments. The Scrap-art range for top and bottom wear starts at a reasonable Rs. 399 and Rs. 1,299, respectively.

Satya Paul Heritage Collection - Convincingly couture
Reflecting the grandeur and ambience of Raja Ravi Verma's divine vision in the contemporary milieu, Satya Paul's rich colours and versatile fluid drapes, all skim the female form lovingly, transforming the woman into a vision of beauty and grace, like the artist himself would have depicted. The richness of the era's royalty, and the epoch aesthetics of the Maharajas is translated ably into the collection. The embroideries are rich, and the interplay of colour ranges from the subtle to the luminous. Majestic mix!

Wrangler - Armed attack
The cowboy brand launches its spring collection with the complete military look including badges, epaulettes and cargo fatigues. For women, there's shorty shorts, red canvas pants, military camisoles and frayed-end tees. Also on the racks are interesting denims skirts in tints of olive and khakhi, all part of the official code. Accompanying them are the knits, halter necks, cap sleeves, V-neck, sleeveless tees in brights and pastels, and a range of low and super low-waist for both men and women.

Traditional threads
Showcasing her Spring-Summer 2003 at the Singapore Fashion Festival, Payal Singhal this year focused on modern silhouettes and unconventional adornments, the highlights being the cuts and drapes, that stirred a striking mood. Charming hues of fuchsia, mango, lime-green, peacock-blue and violet decorated with traditional gota and kundan work reigned the range, while zari work, intricate zardosi, aari and resham work embedded with beads, semi-precious stones, mirrors and diamantes added that shimmering touch of elegance.

'AND' - ...And your dreams woven out
Anita Dongre's line of fusion wear labelled 'AND-East' launched its latest, which is is all about intricate laces, flowing fabrics and marvellous textures. Dongre's creativity blends the striking Indian ethos with Western styles, and her designs are a melange of vibrant colours with interesting fabrics. Combining the contemporary and the traditional elegantly, the ensembles are priced at a decent Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 4,000.

New Products

Appy-Apple Nectar
'Appy' the much-loved apple drink has been an eternal favourite with all kinds of people, young and old. And here's a reason for you to rejoice for Parle Agro's apple-juice drink is back on the shelves now in a different form! Refreshing Appy-Apple Nectar is made from luscious juicy red apples from the Shimla and Kulu valleys. These fruits are carefully handpicked from the best apple orchards in the valley. The new Appy-Apple Nectar stimulates an experience of vintage wine due to its champagne-like appearance. It is a healthy and tasteful substitute for its alcoholic lookalikes. And at just Rs. 10, it is also reasonably priced.

Culinary giant Weikfield Ltd. has launched Glucovin-D in India. Glucovin-D is easy to digest and is rapidly absorbed and utilised by the body - thus it is an immediate source of energy. It is also an ideal source of nutrients for children, students, sports person and all professionals from any grounds. It can be used in all types of beverages, especially fresh fruit and natural juices. Glucovin-D can also be added to plain water or consumed in its powder form, which is very refreshing and delicious. It is available in orange and plain flavours in 100 gm packs (for Rs.16), 500 gm polyjars (Rs.72) and 500 gm petjar packs (Rs. 77).

caption=Huggy Buggy toys!
Mahindra Intertrade Ltd., India has recently launched the Huggy Buggy range of toys in India. The Huggy Buggy vehicle range includes trucks, trains, ambulances, cars, dump trucks, helicopters, planes, etc. The vehicle line is priced between Rs.99 and Rs.375. Huggy Buggy caters to the age group of 2-8 years. All the toys are edge-free, making them safe for children and are available in attractive colours. All Huggy Buggy products are covered with a durable flocked coating which encourages the child to use its hands to explore. The toys are available in all major retail outlets across the country.

Dr. Flosser Dental Toner
Dr. Flosser, the healthcare division of Mahavir Group of Industries has introduced a new generation dentalcare product - Dr. Flosser Dental Toner. This new revolutionary dentalcare product is said to be able to reach even where the toothbrush cannot. The toner is made of flossy and flavoured wax-coated imported thread that is gentle on the gums yet effective in removing trapped food particles from between the teeth. Dr. Flosser Dental Toner is available in orange and mint flavours.

Rasna sachet-packs
Ever since Rasna made its first appearance in the market, it has been selling like hot cakes! Now, this drink is all set for a revolutionary launch with its small sachets, which cost just Re.1. You can make two full glasses of Rasna drink with one small-sachet. Rasna soft drink is ideal for the summer and it offers considerable health benefits as it comes fortified with vitamin, calcium and glucose. In an attempt to bring this drink to the masses, Rasna has made its new one rupee-sachet pack available at almost 40 per cent cheaper than its existing range. Rasna's new sachets are available in orange, nimbu pani and mango flavours.

A book on how smart women balance home and career

Everyone needs an affirmation for a job well done. And, Danielle Kennedy's book WorkingMoms.Calm does just that. A must read for all working families, the book is a compilation of the experiences of working mothers. With contributions from 35 women successfully juggling families and careers, WorkingMoms.Calm is a guide to raising children and how to live a joyous and productive life. The contributors include a fire fighter, a lawyer, a fashion designer, an editor, an Olympic gold medallist, a real estate agent, an entrepreneur, a chef, a fitness instructor and several actresses. All of them put to rest the myth of perfection that most working women have to contend with, and offer practical and realistic advice to women wanting to find satisfaction both on the professional as well as the personal front.

The book is full of balanced and down-to-earth directions that can be helpful to women who want to pursue successful careers and at the same time be good parents. Particularly impressive are the author's vision of a 'family-friendly work world' and her emphasis on how men can equally participate in a good parenting plan for two-income families.

The author, Danielle Kennedy herself is a true life story of keeping it all together - business, family and achieving her goals. A mother of eight, she has been there, done that. She shares with her readers her hands-on experiences of raising a family while pursuing a challenging career. To this, Ms. Kennedy adds the expertise of her many friends and associates and comes up with the ways women have learned to cope with divided loyalties, shortage of time and the feelings of guilt that working mothers inevitably experience.

"Each page in WorkingMoms.Calm holds the gift of personal truth, showing us just how many wonderful options we have to enrich our own lives and those we most dearly love," writes Hollywood actress Demi Moore in the foreword. She goes on to add that as parents, women are always seeking answers, advice, insights and wisdom to the challenges and obstacles that they face each day. "Whether we are working or stay-at-home moms, finding and creating balance in our lives seems to be one of our greatest challenges. Knowing that we are not alone in this sometimes over-whelming struggle is one of the most comforting elements we can discover. It may not be the answer but it is part of the solution," writes Moore.

Common man is the loser!
The recent nationwide truckers' strike has adversely affected the sale of fruits and vegetables in the market, for the consumer cannot afford the price...

No prizes for guessing who is the worst affected by the current nationwide truckers' strike. Yes, it is the common man, of course. For, if there are no trucks to transport goods, then the wholesalers and retailers have to arrange for alternative means of transport, which are invariably costly. Needless to say, this cost is eventually borne by the common man -- the consumer!

When we visited the market to inquire about the price of commodities yesterday, we heard the local vendors complaining about the "tragedy" that had befallen them. Strange, we thought, for the goods were being sold at double the price! Local vendors explained that the truckers' strike had led to the increase in the prices of vegetables and fruits, but there had been a marked decline in sales.

Most people buy vegetables and fruits late in the evening, for that's when the price of goods tends to drop. "In the morning, although the vegetables are fresh, their prices are sky high! Soon the time will come when we will not be able to afford even potatoes," complained a harried man, frowning at the price a vendor was quoting. The recent water shortage and the hot climate are not making the situation any better.

Anil Karale, a fruit vendor at Crawford Market, told us that the government provided BEST buses as an alternative means of transport during strikes like this, but this is too expensive when compared to the tempos that are hired by sellers.

"A tempo normally charges near Rs. 600, whereas now we are shelling out as much as Rs.3,800, just to get our regular supply of fruits and vegetables!" said Karale.

This is the season when the fruit business usually thrives -- after all summer's the time when the King of Fruits, Mango, comes to the market. But the strike has dampened the mango business also. Depending on its grading, the prices of different varieties of mangoes have risen by Rs. 25 to 50. Will the common man be able to afford this? Our sympathies are with the common man, strike or no strike.

Duniya meri bag mein!

helina Kukar and Camelia Dalal are two designers that you should watch out for this season. Their brand Art Apparel's Summer 2003 collection is a brilliant fusion inspired by the Orient. And what they are offering are not your usual run-of-the-mill frilly summerwear in pastel shades. The designer duo has come up with a collection of fashion and utility handbags and footwear, using rich brocade fabrics in the Oriental look.

These accessories have been pain-stakingly crafted for Art Apparel's collection this season. The collection, which incorporates brilliant hues such as pink, red, golden yellow and turquoise, promises to add that stylish touch to whatever you choose to wear. The talented duo has taken inspiration from nature and infused it into their range of handbags and co-ordinated shoes.

Exotic flowers in sequins, beads, Oriental brocade and Kashmiri crewel add a bejewelled look to the handbags. These versatile accessories can be used in the day or may compliment party outfits as well.

You can check out Art Apparel's Summer 2003 Collection, along with a range of kurtis and peasant tops, from designer Cherie Khemka, today and tomorrow at the Litolier Art Gallery, next to Ravissant at Kemps Corner. For further information call Shelina or Camelia on 26490651.

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